Photo by HOGA Akiko
Photo by HOGA Akiko



Miwa Okuno

Dancer/Choreographer/Video Artist/ Visual Artist



Miwa Okuno began modern ballet at the age of three, and joined the modern dance club at the Daito Bunka Univ. in 2002. After graduation, Okuno joined Akiko Kitamura’s dance company <Leni-Basso>, later to go solo in 2009. Her main concept lies in the theme of “flesh and bone” and “disassembly of the body for the attempt to become free” and had composed dance pieces domestically and internationally. Has won “French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer” and the “MASDANZA Prize”at the “Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013” , as well as the Judge’s Award at the International Contemporary Dance Competition MASDANZA18 (Spain) in the same year with a piece called "Highlight of Decline" which including a video image created by her self. Also had earned master’s degree of Intermedia Art at the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2017 in order to dig in to art work using a body.  Among many of her important dance works are “Highlight Of Decline”(2013), “B/O/N/E”(2015). Okuno had also joined the stage play directed by Marie Brassard as a dancer in 2018 and 2021. In recent, she try to create installation work and art film which kind of genre no matter. 



 <Main Activities>

2/2007  "Ghostly Round" Europe tour in Holland and

              Belgium(dance company Leni-Basso by Akiko Kitamura)


2/2008  "Black Rose" at Yokohama Dance CollectionR (choreographed by Ruri Mito)


10/2008 "CLACK IN THE HEAD"at Leni-Basso short piece anthology

     (choreographed by Akiyoshi Horikawa)


3/2009  "Elephant Rose -no land-" (Leni-Basso)


5/2009  The opera"White Night of Love"(directed by Akira Shirai) 


8/2009  "koku" solo performance at dance space WING(choreographed by Miwa Okuno)


1/2010  "【00】-shirei-" (choreographed by Miwa Okuno)


5/2010  "Hiromi Uehara×Leni-Basso" The commercial of YAMAHA


1/2011  "SUMI to YUKI" (choreographed by Norihito Ishii and Miwa okuno)


3/2011  Performance at Hiroaki Umeda's insterllation (Dance/Choreograph: Miwa Okuno                

               Music: Junya Oikawa)


3/2012  "Highlight of Decline"at SESSION HOUSE 21 Festival 

           (choreographed by Miwa Okuno, Music by Yohey Fujishiro)


6/2012  "BLACK MOUTH" (Animation:ITO K  Dance:Miwa Okuno Music:Hiroaki Yokoyama

               Costum:Chiaki Kakine)


12/2012 "Highlight of Decline" at SESSION HOUSE




4/2013  "Personal Sister"at ACKid2013 (Visual by Haruo Higuma, Dance byMiwa OKuno) 


8/2013  Solo performance "Dead Fish Eyes" at in)(between gallery in Paris (choreographed by      

               Miwa Okuno, Music by Yohey Fujishiro,A part of visual by Kotaro Yokomizo)


9/2013  Work in progress "Dead Fish Eyes" at CCNR(France)


10/2013  MASDANZA Extensions "Highlight of Decline" in Canary Island(Spain)


12/2013  "PHANTOMS in MANUFACTURE" at La Menagerie de verre(Paris)


5/2014  Night of Philosophy-Philosophy and Image- vol.2  "Artificial" at Institute France Tokyo 


7/2014  Dance Cross "PHANTOMS in MANUFACTURE" at Red Brick Yokohama


9/2014  LAND FES vol.5 at SENGAWA


10/2014 Festival PRISMA (Panama)


12/2014 M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)

                d'MOTION International Dance Festival (Malaysia)


1/2015   Morgan Fisher x Miwa Okuno "MELTDOWN" at Kid Ailack Art Hall


10/2015 "B/O/N/E" Seoul International Festival (Korea)


1/2016   Miwa Okuno Dance Installation B/O/N/E〜between bone and flesh〜(Tukishima Japan)


6/2016   BankART AIR OPEN STUDIO 2016  N///K residence piece「REAL CONTROLLER」


10/2016  "B/O/N/E" Nagoya Performing Arts Selection(Aichi Art Theatre)


12/2016  M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)

              "Obscurity of Self"

              Choreograph: Zhuo Zihao&Miwa Okuno

              Dance: Zhuo Zihao/Miwa Okuno/Go Sho-yi/Linnette Png


2/2017  Yokohama Dance Collection EX Asia selection

                 Fukuoka Fringe Dance Festival 

              "Obscurity of Self"

              Zhuo Zihao&Miwa Okuno


3/2017 body Installation ”The abandoned body”

     Performer:Kiyotaka Suzuki Hideaki Takeuchi Kota Nagoya


9/2017   N///K “Namelessness”

             Dance/Choreograph/Costume:Miwa Okuno

             Dancer: Kiyotaka Suzuki, Kota Nagaya, Hideaki Takeuchi, 

             Nozomi Matsuno, Miwa Okuno

             Music:Yohei Fujishiro(d-soko/Tokyo)


10/2018  N///K ”Namelessness” (Seoul, Korea)


11/2018 PARCO production stage play  “The Fury of my Thoughts” 

              Written by Nelly Arcan   directed by Marie Brassard


2/2019 "Wind and Pore  Organ and Sound" (Za-Koenji, Tokyo)

            ChoreographyCostume・designStage artMiwa Okuno

            PerformanceEmi Oyama  Haruka Suzuki  Kota Nagaya  Nozomi Matsuo  Ikumi Kurosu

            MusicYohei Fujishiro


4/2020 Short Film  ”The Pearl Diver's Tale”

           Director Yokna Hasegawa    Action Mai Kubota & Miwa Okuno 


7/2020 “ABITA”@cafe MURIWUI

     music Yohei Fujishiro act Miwa Okuno


6/2021   Stage play by infraruge “Violence”

    directed by Marie Brassard  

    Act Marie Brassard   Kyoko Takenaka  Miwa Okuno 

    *Kyoko & Miwa joined in film parts because of COVIT19


Somehow, I always feel how much big volume of human’s existence in the earth. And I’m struggling between human and all of objects including a phenomenon which we can’t see it. It seems my dance style has changed to more less human’s emotion trough the experience of disaster Fukushima Earthquake and pandemic of COVIT19. This sense is a similar feeling with like a  “I want to be an object”. Maybe the human’s voice/emotion has getting huge and ringing in my ears as noise when each various social happens and a news of internet. Actually it comes to my head a visual image by this noise. This image visual is a my art work. And this visual is just explanation of the what is happening in here. So my most big mission is to listen the sounds of real and to dig a texture of air which inhabit in our life using my body sense. 

In unstable human's life, I believe only human's body is an object which does not lie for example it can react what/how much we eat a foods(nutrition), it has getting stomach hurts when we feel anxious.  

We human who too much develop a brain are loosing a sensation instead of it. If we can feel each pore of skin, if we can feel how much decline the surface of a concrete wall, I think a wold will change to the situation like earth is more easy to live than now. It means I will work to put a nuance in my piece about how much to do less our human's volume/rights which kind of opinion that we human are misunderstanding we should live for human.  

I have accumulated like this stress in my life, but this frustration gave me a way of mission to transform from human to other things.  I want to express trough my body sense that come and go from my body to objects including artificial and organic. 

「Namelessness」photo by Bozzo
「Namelessness」photo by Bozzo

NAKICE (the name has changed from N///K in 2022)


Formed mainly by Miwa Okuno and Yohei Fujishiro(Musician) in 2014, N///K has been actively performing original pieces since its organization. “Artificial」(Institute France Tokyo 2014年),REAL CONTROLLER」(Yokohama BankART 2016, a physical installationThe abandoned body」(2017,Namelessness」(d-soko 2017, Wind and Pore Organ and Sound」(Za Koenji 2019” , are their previous domestic performances, Taken its name from the “natural killer cells” known as to be one of the most important natural immunities in the human body, N///K are a group of activists, producing and performing pieces inspired by and by reacting to the many problems (=cancer/viruses) existing in the society or in any kind of environment. Their main activities lies in the field of dance performances, but has also performed and produced other pieces such as physical installations and video works as well.


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