Photo by HOGA Akiko
Photo by HOGA Akiko

Miwa Okuno

Dancer/Choreographer/Visual Artist


Miwa Okuno started to dance at the age of three. 

From 2007 to 2009 she was a member of Leni-Basso (a Japanese contemporary dance company) founded by Akiko Kitamura, and her work with Leni-Basso took her to perform outside Japan.

Soon after Miwa started to do solo-work and cooperating with Japanese filmmakers and photographers.

 In 2013, her solo-work "Highlight of Decline" in Japan was awarded "the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers" and "the MASDANZA prize" at the Yokohama Dance Collection EX-2013. Also this piece was awarded "Jury prize" at the MASDANZA18 at the same year. This piece has replayed thirteen times in five country of Tokyo, Spain, Panama, Singapore and Malaysia up to now.

Miwa’s studies of Indonesian martial arts and yoga are the bases for her choreographies, which encompass her video work (the extension of her inner self) and her sublime body movements overtaking the performance space aiming to reach/touch the inner organs of her audience to transport them to the rhythm of her moves accompanied by the projection of her postures/movements onto the screen and the background music, skin/flesh/blood/bones…

In 2013, she is training and creating her piece in France(Coregraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape, Centre choregraphique national de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussion, Vivarium Studio/Philippe Quesne).

She was invited to THE dance company in Singapore in 2014 as a choreographer and visual artist, and she created collaboration piece which called The Body Speaks with the Malaysian dancer and choreographer. This piece was picked up as "The most strongest work at the same night showing" by the local media newspaper TODAY in Singapore.

In 2014, she founded her company N///K with composer Yohey Fujishiro who has started to work together from 2012 in order to aim "to create a space which has the image and energy".  

She has also started to study a Inter-Media Art in order to pursue her work at graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts from 2015.



 <Main Activities>

2/2007  "Ghostly Round" Europe tour in Holland and

              Belgium(dance company Leni-Basso by Akiko Kitamura)


2/2008  "Black Rose" at Yokohama Dance CollectionR (choreographed by Ruri Mito)


10/2008 "CLACK IN THE HEAD"at Leni-Basso short piece anthology

     (choreographed by Akiyoshi Horikawa)


3/2009  "Elephant Rose -no land-" (Leni-Basso)


5/2009  The opera"White Night of Love"(directed by Akira Shirai) 


8/2009  "koku" solo performance at dance space WING(choreographed by Miwa Okuno)


1/2010  "【00】-shirei-" (choreographed by Miwa Okuno)


5/2010  "Hiromi Uehara×Leni-Basso" The commercial of YAMAHA


1/2011  "SUMI to YUKI" (choreographed by Norihito Ishii and Miwa okuno)


3/2011  Performance at Hiroaki Umeda's insterllation (Dance/Choreograph: Miwa Okuno                

               Music: Junya Oikawa)


3/2012  "Highlight of Decline"at SESSION HOUSE 21 Festival 

           (choreographed by Miwa Okuno, Music by Yohey Fujishiro)


6/2012  "BLACK MOUTH" (Animation:ITO K  Dance:Miwa Okuno Music:Hiroaki Yokoyama

               Costum:Chiaki Kakine)


12/2012 "Highlight of Decline" at SESSION HOUSE




4/2013  "Personal Sister"at ACKid2013 (Visual by Haruo Higuma, Dance byMiwa OKuno) 


8/2013  Solo performance "Dead Fish Eyes" at in)(between gallery in Paris (choreographed by      

               Miwa Okuno, Music by Yohey Fujishiro,A part of visual by Kotaro Yokomizo)


9/2013  Work in progress "Dead Fish Eyes" at CCNR(France)


10/2013  MASDANZA Extensions "Highlight of Decline" in Canary Island(Spain)


12/2013  "PHANTOMS in MANUFACTURE" at La Menagerie de verre(Paris)


5/2014  Night of Philosophy-Philosophy and Image- vol.2  "Artificial" at Institute France Tokyo 


7/2014  Dance Cross "PHANTOMS in MANUFACTURE" at Red Brick Yokohama


9/2014  LAND FES vol.5 at SENGAWA


10/2014 Festival PRISMA (Panama)


12/2014 M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)

                d'MOTION International Dance Festival (Malaysia)


1/2015   Morgan Fisher x Miwa Okuno "MELTDOWN" at Kid Ailack Art Hall


10/2015 "B/O/N/E" Seoul International Festival (Korea)


1/2016   Miwa Okuno Dance Installation B/O/N/E〜between bone and flesh〜(Tukishima Japan)


6/2016   BankART AIR OPEN STUDIO 2016  N///K residence piece「REAL CONTROLLER」


10/2016  "B/O/N/E" Nagoya Performing Arts Selection(Aichi Art Theatre)


12/2016  M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)

              "Obscurity of Self"

              Choreograph: Zhuo Zihao&Miwa Okuno

              Dance: Zhuo Zihao/Miwa Okuno/Go Sho-yi/Linnette Png


2/2017  Yokohama Dance Collection EX Asia selection

                 Fukuoka Fringe Dance Festival 

              "Obscurity of Self"

              Zhuo Zihao&Miwa Okuno


「Namelessness」photo by Bozzo
「Namelessness」photo by Bozzo

N///K(Natural Killer)


IN 2014, Miwa Okuno founded her company N///K with composer Yohey Fujishiro. N///K creating a space where the body / video / music / object equally exists with the motto "It unintentionally creates what echoes to the internal organs of the audience". They have released Artificial (Institute France Tokyo, 2014) , REAL CONTROLLER (Yokohama BankART, 2016),Namelessness(d-souko 2017). They aim to create body expressions that are established between dance and performance, and video works that treat the body as material.